Do I need Security Cameras?

When my home was broken into, I struggled with different thoughts of selling my property or staying and acquiring security measures to prevent further break-ins. It is a known fact that criminals tend to revisit the place of a crime and attempt the same crime again. I did not want to be a statistic, but I also did not want to live in fear. I knew I needed something to protect myself and my family. After some deliberation, I decided on a security system utilizing video cameras. The decision was not so easy, especially with so many security options available today. Here are some things I learned when looking into protection for my home and family.

Right away, I realized that relying solely on security experts' advise was not the best thing to do. Sure they can provide ample information, particularly about what types of systems are available, cost, repair, maintenance and other concerns, but they could not truly determine what my needs were, only I could do that. Also, the security experts I spoke with seemed extremely paranoid, speaking as if I should prep for the worst case scenario or maybe trying to exploit my fears. It was hard to tell what the case was, but I felt I needed to look into this myself.

I did a lot of research and discovered that home break-ins are a very simple crime. A lot of times a criminal will simply walk up to a home, and ring the doorbell looking to see if the homeowner responds. Some of them pretend to be sales people or someone who lost a dog, all the while, hoping no one is home so they can break in. Knowing this, I realized that a security camera will help identify these people. They may be caught on camera checking out my home or breaking in.

A criminal may also be deterred from even checking out the home if they see cameras around. Many break-ins occur during daytime working hours so many burglars do not wear masks, but rather try to look like they have a legitimate reason for being at the house. It would look odd if someone saw a man in a mask walking around a home during daytime hours.

I felt using a camera system would be best to not only deter a crime, but help catch the criminals if something is ever done to my
home security. A camera may catch a license plate, a unique tattoo or specific clothing. They can help determine whether there was a team of criminals involved or if there was just one person. A camera seemed invaluable in catching criminals who commit these crimes when no one is around, they are a perfect witness.

Cameras do cost more than a security system that sends out an alarm to an agency, but I felt someone could break in and out before anyone ever responded to those systems. With a camera, if a crime is not deterred, there is a greater chance the police can catch the criminal after the crime occurs. Visit Home Owners Insurance Ft Lauderdale